Advancements in Communication Technology

Cant get over how low-priced the 2 way radio voip is now, a tremendous deal for any top-end product!

Perhaps youve heard people calling them walkie talkie. They are devices which transmit and receive voice signals through the air. They work pretty the same way telephones do, the only difference is that they dont require a central network to operate, so they can be used just anywhere. With the help of two way radios, two people can have a discussion, no matter their locationeven miles apart.
The most popular type of two way radios that people acquire is the FRS/GMRS two way radios. They are the ones you typically see on the big-box stores. Just in case you dont know, FRS and GMRS are the frequency ranges used by two way radios. The FRS channels are 8 through 14 and the GMRS channels are 15 through 22. Channels 1-7 are shared, are are used by both FRS and GMRS frequencies.

So all radios within your group will have to be set in the same channels for you to communicate. For instance, if your 2 way radio is set at channel 7, it will only send your voice over that channel when you speak, and it will listen for or allow you to listen to people who are talking through that particular channel. Its also important to note that these channels are public. That means anyone can tap into them. So always be careful about what you say over a two way radio because you never know who else is listening.

Generally speaking, communication takes many forms, from face to face, to more advanced methods such as through mobile and cell phone technology. But the key to successful communication in any industry is a good mix of communication methods that combine some of the latest technology in airwave communication.

Two way radios are now being used to further this communication mix. They are preferred because they are reliable, robust and a convenient way for staff to communicate at different times of the day. The two way radios can be used over a wide area, and has many benefits such as no-call charges, which makes them more appealing than other potable devices of communication.

Many companies today use Motorolla XTN446 and Kenwood TK3201 because they are affordable. They are also used by security personnel at licensed premises to alert colleagues in case there is a disturbance. Schools, colleges and Universities staff are also using two way radios to keep in touch with other staff members.

Other businesses that have enjoyed the use of two way radios include factories and retail stores. The retail sector particularly find them very useful because staff members can communicate with the distribution team to check stock levels, deliveries, as well as report accidents. Because this sector is very competitive, they only seek to enhance internal communication so that they can continue to deliver the best services to their customers.

The communication industry is wide. Because of the increasing needs within this industry, two way radios are perceived to be more cost effective and convenient than other forms of communication. This is why two way radio communication keeps advancing year after year.


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