Walkie Talkie – The Good Times Companion (42 95)

Some of these trained writers on the net are at such a top level that i ponder if any of them have ever printed a paperback? well occasionally i like to highlight these first-rate content pieces and here’s one i found interesting the other day.

Product Introduction

Whether you are looking for an ideal two way radio to communicate during your adventures or during a weekend shopping in the mall, a small and easy to use – good range and clear reception two way radio will be the best radio that you could buy. Unlike any other walkie talkie this one is exceptional for a number of reasons is worth every penny. The Good Times Companion is trusted to deliver the best communication solutions for you. This Walkie Talkie is made with quality and has been tested for years. The awesome range and clarity is worth your every penny. It is mainly useful during your adventurous expeditions such as camping, hunting, fishing and hiking. Organizing your entire crew during the vacation will be very easy with the Good Times Companion. The times of waiting for effective communication are long gone. Suppose you need to keep a bunch of people gathered and organized en route to another place or just for a drive during your weekend trip. The Good Times Companion is awesome for outdoor activities. Are you an outdoor enthusiast? If yes this is the best choice of a two way radio.

Product Features

This unique radio is branded the Super Spy Two Way Radio for its beneficial features that are specifically designed to just but fulfill your communication convenience and comfort, wherever you are, whatever you may be doing now and or in the future. To put more emphasis on this I examine a few of these exemplary features of this wonder spy two way radio here. This Super Spy Two Way Radio brings to your life the communication reliability you deserve. When you own this two way radio you begin to live in the future, not because of the sophistication but for its simplicity that is accompanied by true sense of style and purpose in your communication life. As I usher you to this good life let me share with you this success story of the wonderful features. The features include Multi-channels(depend on different country),Up to 6km Communication Range, Auto Squelch, Auto Battery Saving, Auto Channel Scan, Internal VOX, Digital volume control, 12 hours AM/PM time display, Backlight for LCD display and the Li-ion battery. Because comfort is all you need and your money demands the new Super Spy Two Way Radio does not fall short of this. In a few words, the new high-tech trendy Wristwatch Walkie Talkie is delivered in small Size of gift box : 21 x 14.5 x 6.6 cm 2 pcs the intact package encloses two wristwatches, AC Adaptors. Li-ion Batteries, headsets, User manual all in twos.

Performance and Style

Style is when fashion blends with perfection to bring into being the quality that gives the utmost performance of this two way radio walkie talkie. The public confidence in the manufacturer's status guarantees you the value for your money. This Super Spy Two Way Radio achieves near perfect clarity when communicating with the other walkie talkie from within a six mile range. Being the newest invention in personal two-way communications portability is of paramount essence. This is reflected in the light weight nature of the walkie talkie. This compact two-way communication gadget guarantees your security when cell phone frequencies weaken and frustration is slowly creeping in. The Wrist watch style is smart fashion, Multi-channels six kilometer communication range assures you the freedom you crave for during your holiday. The simplicity of use and portability are the key features that boost this product rating to five star marks.

Design and Cost Effectiveness

In the market of two way radios coming up with a unique commodity is the way to beat the tough market. A new product that stands out from its competitors due to its uniqueness will be widely demanded. In the design of this two way radio the fact that it is like a wrist watch makes it unique earning it the name ‘spy two way radio’. Indeed this is the selling point of these two way radio. Though it is unique it comes at a reasonably cheap price for this comfort and style. The cost effectiveness of this two way radio is the best deal the market will offer you. While camping, hiking, skiing or biking, this wristwatch walkie talkie remains tightly held on your arm yet delivers the on the prime purpose communication.

Recommendation and Purchasing Information

I highly recommend the new Wristwatch Spy Wrist Digital Watch for its firmness on your arm The acquisition of this two way radio at $42.95 saves you from the communication quagmire and you instantly embark on an experience of choice of expression and style. The sleekness of the Super Spy Two Way Radio is an easy way to make an impression. From now then you have the right to achieve your vacation, lifestyle or adventure aspirations.


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