Using Global GPS Tracking devices to track people

This was posted a few days ago and we thought it was interesting

GPS Tracking systems were developed in the 1970s by the United States Department of Defence, GPS Technology was then designed to help improve tracking of targets such as vehicles or people.

Following the tragic events of 9/11 in New York, the demand for GPS tracking in handheld devices such as Cell (Mobile) phones and two-way radios increased so that people were able to communicate and trace others in a crisis situation.
GPS Enabled Two-Way Radios

In the last couple of years, where communications have become of increased importance, certain two-way radios now have the capability to act as a GPS transmitter. This means that, not only can you hold a two way conversation on the radio but you can also be tracked by a central control team and in the unfortunate event of a crisis use it as a panic alert device.

Motorola were the first to introduce this technology into their Walkie Talkie devices with the Mototrbo device.

With any portable device the downfall of a handheld GPS transmitter is that they run on limited battery life, so it is important that the devices are charged sufficiently before going on any long haul journeys, or if possible that provisions are made to take a charging unit with you.
Some devices may have the option of purchasing a long life battery.

Why track people?
People can be vulnerable in many different environments, and its important that they feel safe and as comfortable as possible in any possible conflict situation. By using GPS tracking systems they have the knowledge that there is always someone watching over them, and someone that can respond to an SOS request.


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