The Venetian, Las Vegas – Walkie Talkie Case Study

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The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas, one of the largest luxury resorts in the world, opened in 1999 and has continued expanding.


When the addition of the Venezia Tower and the Palazzo increased the number of rooms to over 7,000, the management knew they needed to add another 1,000 radios to the 2,000 already in use. They also knew this was something that could
not be achieved with their existing LTR system. Buying new frequencies was cost prohibitive, and moving to the public network with cellular would have effectively meant surrendering control over their own communications. The Venetian's radios
are used around the clock, especially in the evenings when customer support from a public network is not readily available. It was imperative that the communications system that they chose to deploy be extremely reliable.


Anderson Communications was able to offer the Venetian exactly what was needed in Kenwood's NEXEDGE System. NEXEDGE has allowed them to migrate gracefully from their 12-channel analog system (12.5 kHz), doubling capacity to
24 channels (6.25 kHz). Being adaptable and scalable were important factors in their decision, but so too was cost. Other solutions would have meant purchasing and deploying 3,000 radios at once a major investment and logistically difficult.
Because NEXEDGE technology enables analog and digital two Way Radios to coexist on the same network, the management continues to make use of their analog radios as they switch over, department by department, to digital radios. During the
transition the Venetian's considerable investment in analog radios, headsets, and batteries continues to serve the staff in other departments. So far those departments which make the most use of radios Security, Engineering, Slots, and
Housekeeping have been equipped with the new radios, representing about 1,200 new mobile devices.

Karen Fingl, Vice President of Sales at Anderson Communications, explains that this solution allows the customer to control its own destiny. As the migration progresses, the benefits of a digital system become more evident. For
example, coverage has been expanded by about 15% so that in fringe areas of the property and in elevators, where signal strength was once a problem, voice quality is now crystal clear. And as this Venice-themed hotel and resort
continues to expand, NEXEDGE will grow with them: site networking is included, for a seamless addition of additional radios and coverage areas.

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