Employing the VHF Marine Radios

So i discovered this post on the internet and i understand that just posting it as the whole piece is not an excellent thing, I got consent from the original author and read up ways to curate posts, so that is it…….i thought this was fascinating because it highlights some of the highs and lows […]

Walkie Talkies; Integral To Society

I do not know how you came here because you read it on social media, twitter, facebook, google +, stumble upon or anywhere else. thankyou for coming and I hope you like reading this as much as I did. Walkie talkies are now prevalent in a large number of industries from security through to maintenance. […]

The Two way radios- Features and Usability

You've probably stumbled upon this looking for information about walkie talkie used in fast and furious 6's, hopefully this will help you answer some of those questions, if not please click on one of the relevant links within the article A two-way radio is a radio that functions as atransmitter and receiverunlike a transmissiontelephone which […]